A 2,100 Sq. ft. height rise Auditorium with 250 attendees sitting capacity, Air Conditioned with Advance Audio Visual Infrastructure arrangement for seminars.

Chairman’s Cabin :-

A well equipped cabin decorated with awards and appreciation branch has received. It is suitable for committee meeting and is a power house of the branch.

Reading Room :-

Innovative Swastik style desk with sitting capacity of 20 people, fully Air-conditioned area dedicated to students to Excel in Academics.

Computer Lab :-

An advanced Tech-integrated Lab with 31 Computer systems loaded with all essential softwares, High speed Internet connection, LAN, Projector, Audio Visual arrangements etc. It is Aimed to impart hands on practical training to participants.

Office :-

It is a workhouse of the branch. Our staff seats here and manages day to day Operations of Branch. Equipped with secured storage facility, Refrigerator, Tea coffee machine & advanced Copier machines, biometric attendance system etc.

Class Room :-

Well furnished class room to import education to students. It is Air conditioned to ensure comfort of learners.

Executive Room:-

It is a place where future Leaders are groomed. It is a room for professional courses with classic short desk chairs and audio visual arrangements for a group of upto 30 participants.

Board Room :-

It is a U shaped conference room with economic charts and Audio system to help in decision making to our Dynamic leadership.

Utility Area:-

A top floor dedicated for utilities. A hall which is suitable for various programmes.

Library :-

It is our knowledge powerhouse, with various books, publications and Magazines available for readers. It also has 20 cubicles to provide disturbance free reading environment to enthusiastic.